We are a dynamic company that actively embraces the fast paced changes facing our industry and customers. Our bold entrepreneurial spirit is emblematic of our accomplishments. In 2005 C valley was proudly founded. C valley quickly became an industry leader with a reputation for the highest quality Emulsions, Decorative Paints, Putty and Stainers.

Our unparalleled quality, innovation exceptional value, and employees have all contributed to our stellar success.

Being a leader in our industry requires one resource above all others - great people. To successfully respond to the changing needs of our customers and strategies of our competitors, C valley has identified, developed, and retained quality people who can adapt to rapid growth - people with the vision and courage to express their views, people willing to assume risk, take ownership, and be accountable for their actions. In return, C valley provides an exceptional working environment and recognizes that its people are the driving force behind our success. C valley prides itself on providing a positive, safe, quality environment where employees are well...

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